NATIONAL CENTER FOR EDUCATION STATISTICS: Study of College Costs and Prices, 1988 – 89 to 1997 – 98

Commissioned Papers:
David W. Breneman: An Essay on College Costs
D. Bruce Johnstone: Higher Education and Those “Out of Control Costs”
Dennis P. Jones: Cost Analysis and the Formulation of Public Policy
Lucie Lapovsky: Institutional Financial Health: Tuition Discounting and Enrollment Management
Michael McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro: Issues of Cost and Price in Higher Education: Observations on Needed Data and Research
Michael F. Middaugh: Measuring Higher Education Costs: Considerations and Cautions
Gordon C. Winston: Higher Education’s Costs, Prices, and Subsidies: Some Economic Facts and Fundamentals


Source: http://library.providence.edu/fhertr/index.php/2017/02/13/national-center-for-education-statistics-study-of-college-costs-and-prices-1988-89-to-1997-98/