Future of Higher Education Research Team Report

The Future of Higher Education Research Team, as part of the PC200 Strategic Planning Initiative, will gather the best research related to the most important questions concerning the future of higher education; review and summarize that research and related collaterals; and present findings to the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and to the campus community at large. The report will provide observations about the higher education landscape based on the research, informing the prioritization and goal-setting phase of strategic planning.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Kenneth Sicard, O.P., (PC200 co-chair), Sylvia Maxfield, (PC200 co-chair), Brian Bartolini, (PC200 co-chair), Edward Andrews, Comfort Ateh, Maia Bailey, Michael H. Botelho, Raul Fonts, Cristian Higuita Montoya ’16, Sandra Keating, Andrea Keefe, Jill LaPoint, Steve Maurano, Kenneth Overly, Jarely Paulino ’18, Alison Sjovall, Rafael Zapata

Future of Higher Education Research Team: Mark Caprio (chair), Jim Campbell, Janet Castleman, Marissa Como ’17, Joe Cosgrove, Matthew Eriksen, Katie Kranz, Chris Machado, Bryan Marinelli, Tierra Marshall, Kris Monahan, Bob Pfunder, Thea N. Riofrancos, Patrick Rogers ’17, Peter Rogers, Jim Sabak, O.F.M., Jennifer Van Reet, Dominic M. Verner, O.P.

Library Research Team: D. Russell Bailey, Mark Caprio, Jodi Devine, Sarah Edmonds, Rebecca Maxfield, Hailie Posey, Peter Rogers, Andria Tieman, Heather Williamson

*If you have or know of materials that you feel could contribute to our research, please email the document, link to the document, or citation to Mark Caprio at mcaprio1@providence.edu.