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Survey of Administrators on Learning Outcomes Assessment

A little over a year ago, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) came out with the results of a survey of college and university administrators on the subject of learning outcomes assessment.  This was a follow-up to the AAC&U’s 2009 survey on the same topic.  Among the more important findings of the most […]

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Continuing Higher Education and Older Adults: A Growing Challenge and Golden Opportunity

“Educating older adults has been important to adult and continuing education for years, but the reality of a skyrocketing aging population is now upon us. This reality evokes a sense of urgency for adult and continuing educators in higher education to respond.”   There is a body of research that shows that higher education has […]

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Humanities Indicators

Summary of the Five Parts of the Humanities Indicators   The HI provide data on a diverse range of topics pertaining to the role of the humanities in the contemporary United States. These topics are organized into five major parts, to which additional indicators may be added as more data becomes available.   Part I. […]

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The Teaching of the Arts and Humanities at Harvard College Mapping the Future

The need to underscore this nexus of illuminating reception and constructive evaluation by the Arts and the Humanities is all the more urgent given the historical moment we face, a moment characterized by economic, military, ecological, religious and technological challenges of mighty profile. We therefore judge re-articulation of the extraordinary promise of the Humanities to […]

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