Critical Approaches to Women and Gender in Higher Education

Critical Approaches to Women and Gender in Higher Education by Pamela Eddy, Kelly Ward and Tehmina Khwaja, published just last month, raises several important issues relating to gender in higher education. The volume examines the impacts of gender on organizational leadership, faculty and staff, as well as limitations and concerns that impact female students. The chapters in this volume examine issues such as why “leaning in” isn’t enough, leadership rhetoric, higher education policies, challenging gender norms in academic life, moving beyond inclusion for trans* college students, challenging views of self doubt and how women fit into the current and future higher education landscape. This book uses case studies and critical theories to address key issues relating to gender inclusiveness on college campuses. A full table of contents can be found here. If interested, the library can request a copy of the entire book or individual chapters via interlibrary loan.

Source: http://library.providence.edu/fhertr/index.php/2017/02/07/critical-approaches-to-women-and-gender-in-higher-education/