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Secondary Sources

  • The Monument at the Great Swamp

    This is an undated color postcard image of the monument located in West Kingston, Rhode Island. The monument consists of a granite obelisk surrounded by four granite markers naming the four colonies that partook in the event. The inscription reads, “Attacked within their fort upon this island the Narragansett Indians made their last stand in King Philip’s War and were crushed by the united forces of the Massachusetts Connecticut and Plymouth Colonies in the ‘Great Swamp Fight’ Sunday 19 December 1675.”

  • Anne Hutchinson Reconsidered

    McLoughlin, William G. “Anne Hutchinson Reconsidered.” Rhode Island History. Vol. 49, February 1991.

  • Roger Williams & the First Baptist Church

    Lemons, Stanley. “Providence: Roger Williams & the First Baptist Church.” C-SPAN Cities Tour, C-SPAN, 2012.

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