Historic Friars Basketball Film Clips

When Coach Joe Mullaney came to Providence College in 1955, the school's basketball team had been in a slump for several years. However, under Coaches Mullaney (1955-1969) and Dave Gavitt (1969-1979), the team was propelled to national prominence with their annual NIT victories. And for the next twenty years the Friars were considered to be "the" New England powerhouse and one of the top basketball teams in the country.

Under Mullaney the Friars compiled a 271-94 record that included nine consecutive 20-win seasons, two NIT championships, and a NCAA Elite Eight appearance. Coach Gavitt racked up a 209-84 record for the Friars that included eight straight 20-win seasons and an NCAA Final Four team.

Relive the Friars excitement of those years when Providence College dominated the court with these video clips of select games. As many of the clips have the actual radio calls, enable your speakers to hear them. Clips will be added to the collection on a regular basis so check back often to see what's new.

Chuck Borkoski, Class of 1971, remembers when the Providence College Basketball Team dribbled from Providence, RI, to New York City's Madison Square Garden for the 1971 NIT championship playoffs. Dribbiling to the Garden

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Jimmy Walker practice drill
    Date: ca. 1966
    Score: Practice drill
    Length: 00.40 sec.
    No Audio Available
Jimmy Walker in Action
    Date: ca. 1966-1967
    Score: Unknown
    Length: 00.36 sec.
    No Audio Available

Jimmy Walker in Action II
    Date: ca. 1966-1967
    Score: Unknown
Length: 00.22 sec.
    No Audio Available
Jimmy Walker in Action III
    Date: Unknown
    Score: Unknown
    Length: 1.44 sec.
    This clip temporarily unavailable

Ernie DiGregorio and Marvin Barnes
    Date: ca. 1972-1973
    Score: Unknown
    Length: 00.37 sec.
National Invitation Tournament 1959
    Date: 1959 March
    Score: Providence College 75 - St. Louis University 72
    Length: 00.36 sec.
    No Audio Available

National Invitation Tournament 1961
    Date: 1961 March 25
    Score: Providence College 62 - St. Louis University 59
    Length: 00.42 sec.

National Invitation Tournament 1963
    Date: 1963 March 23
    Score: Providence College 80 - Canisus College 75
    Length: 00.45 sec.

PC vs NYU 1965
    Date: 1965 Dec. 27
    Score: Providence College 79 - New York University 76
    Length: 02:29 sec.
PC vs Illinois 1965
    Date: 1965 Dec. 28
    Score: Providence College 81 - Illinois University 79
    Length: 01:01 sec.

PC vs Boston College 1965
    Date: 1965 Dec. 30
    Score: Providence College 91 - Boston College 86
    Length: 01:24 sec.
PC vs Northwestern
    Date: 1966 Dec. 28
    Score: Providence College 91 - Northwestern University 79
    Length: 00.40 sec.

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