Office of Academic Affairs Staff, Multiple Sessions

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Q1: If Providence College were to be best known for one thing only within the next 10-20 years, what should it be?

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  • Student employment rate after graduation
  • Enhance and maintain the liberal arts reputation of the College
  • May need to target a percentage of students studying in the liberal arts, as opposed to the number that major in a business field
  • Don’t use “the major” as the unit of analysis; consider what’s being studied, in total (e.g., the Core Curriculum), and/or what questions are being asked of students / recognition that there still needs to exist some counting of majors
  • Meaningful work / impact on society = liberal arts can help do this; even for business students, if they focus on these things (impact on society), it’s equally valuable
  • Need to consider how graduate programs can help/diminish the liberal arts character of the College
  • Nimble, innovative environment
  • Signature work (singular achievement) for students
  • Quality and value of the educational experience matches or exceeds the cost

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Q2: What should the College be doing in the next 10-20 years that it isn’t doing today?

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  • Environmental sustainability (e.g., construction projects; turn PC-owned properties into community gardens/community spaces); also, weave into the curriculum
  • Consider expanding in graduate programs and research areas (e.g., something in the sciences, health or public policy, social work, other applied areas)
  • Collaboration; e.g., for academic programs, to meet students’ programmatic needs (e.g., fill courses that don’t fill)
  • Investment in human capital (reverse low staff numbers in comparison to peers; more professional development opportunities – this could be an opportunity for partnership, too; more flexible scheduling for staff)
  • Create a campus day care
  • Have a more “open” approach to inviting others to campus and inviting others to campus to take-in activities, use facilities (e.g., hold a farmers market)
  • Greater focus on experiential learning; e.g., more built-in service learning, internships, field placements

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