Dr. Erik J. Chaput on Race and the Dorr Rebellion

In this interview, Dr. Erik J. Chaput, co-creator of the Dorr Rebellion Project, discusses the matter of race in relation to the Dorr Rebellion. Particular focus is given to the political beliefs of Thomas Wilson Dorr, his engagement with the abolitionist movement, and the perceptions others had of him.

Dr. Patrick T. Conley on the Law and Order Constitution

In this interview, Dr. Patrick T. Conley, constitutional historian and Dorr scholar, discusses the deficiencies of the Law & Order Constitution of 1843, the provisions of the People's Constitution of 1841, and his personal involvement in the Rhode Island Constitutional Convention of 1977.

Raymond Lavertue on Dorr and the Anti-Slavery Movement

In this interview, Raymond Lavertue of St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford, discusses Thomas Wilson Dorr's evolving relationship with the anti-slavery movement.

Dr. Erik J. Chaput on Women and the Dorr Rebellion

In this short video Dr. Erik J. Chaput, the author of The People's Martyr: Thomas Wilson Dorr and His 1842 Rhode Island Rebellion, highlights the new additions to the Dorr Rebellion Project website relating to gender dynamics and the role suffrage women played in Thomas Dorr's fight for constitutional reform.