Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are intended for students in grades 9 through 12 and were funded by a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation. The lesson plans address the origins of the Dorr's Rebellion, the roles of gender and race in the Rebellion, and an exploration of views alternative to Thomas Wilson Dorr's. The plans were designed to interact with the Dorr Project web site and make use of the Dorr Letters and Gallery pages; as such the lesson plans are an integral part of the web site. Throughout the plans students are directed to read selected letters and discuss their impressions and draw conclusions as well as answer posted questions. The lesson plans also offer ways in which the topic of the plan can be further explored through a section entitled "Extending the Lesson."

Lesson Plan I - Origins of the Dorr Rebellion

Lesson Plan II - Dorr Rebellion

Lesson Plan III - Gender and the Dorr Rebellion

Lesson Plan IV - Conservative Counterpoint

Lesson Plan V - A New Storyline

Lesson Plan VI - Pamphlet Literature